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Bienvenidos amigos!

In a little over three months, we'll be embarking on what promises to be a life altering experience, heading off to rural Honduras. We'll have the opportunity to work in a community clinic, participate in health education with local providers of health care, perform community health assessments, and visit health care facilities. All of this will be coordinated by Shoulder to Shoulder, a non-profit organization that has organized medical missions for nearly fifteen years. We hope you have a chance to explore their site and learn all about the wonderful things they accomplish.

With the chill outside, the heat of the rainy season seems far away. But time flies when you're having fun...or hard at work! The next few months we'll be hitting the books to understand many components of the Honduran health care system as well as cultural influences and ethical considerations of volunteering. In addition we will be working on our popular education skills, as we will be educating at the clinic. As if that weren't enough, we must work on our Spanish speaking skills as well. Dios mio!

So, while we get cracking on our papers, projects, and piles of reading, we have a homework assignment for you, too: We need to solicit donations of health care supplies to bring down with us in May. Maybe you aren't able to give, but you know someone who works for a drug company, medical supply business, or drug store? Are you a dentist who could donate a case of toothbrushes and toothpaste? Are you a knitter who could make and donate even a few newborn-sized hats? Every little bit helps!

Please, feel free to pass this list on to anyone and everyone you can think of.  Muchisimas gracias for sharing our journey!


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